Non-Stick Release Coatings

Non-Stick Release Overview

At MBI, we combine HVOF & Plasma spray with high tech release polymer materials to form durable coatings that provide non-stick properties with low friction or traction control properties. Major uses include re-surfacing applications on roll faces (Idler, Chill, Feed, Dryer, Nip, etc.), and other applications that involve extreme release properties combined with toughness which is normally not associated with regular release coatings and competitors offerings.

Our coatings are uniquely wear resistant with outstanding adhesion and able to withstand abuses not normally associated with regular release coatings

There are two major groups of release coatings, while both offer excellent non-stick properties, one group adds high drag for non-slip, and the other group adds extra low friction for better sliding.

Group 1. Ultra Non-Stick with Non-Slip
MBI Coating's Traclon

Components requiring the ultimate in release and non-stick properties against glues, starches, inks, dyes, polymers or any other sticky substance will greatly benefit from our Traclon coatings. These coatings will not allow any substance to adhere to them, better than any wrap, sleeve or spray on product. When applied on roll surfaces, they will provide ultra non-stick properties while not allowing your web material to slip off. By nature, these coatings have high drag properties.

Group 2. Non-Stick with Low Friction
MBI Coating's Tufflon

Components requiring slickness with release properties, or that require to function in sliding, rubbing or conveying contact with other parts often suffer degradation through wear due to friction. MBI's Tufflon group of coatings have extra low surface energy, featuring some of the lowest coefficient of friction values when compared to most other coatings in our industry. With our Tufflon, durability plus wear reduction translates into extended service life.

General Coating Features

  • Coatings for low coefficient of friction
  • Coatings for non-stick with non-slip traction control
  • Extremely durablity
  • Easy cleanability
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Extra-ordinary bond strengths
  • Reduced lubrication needs
  • Chemical resistance
  • Non wetting / hydrophobic
  • High temperature resistance
  • Ask us about other features!

Common coatings applied by MBI

Typical Applications

  • Roll surfaces
  • Pans, Trays & Vessels
  • Textile parts
  • Pump impellers
  • Pump casings
  • Glue components
  • Dies & Mold parts
  • Metal process parts
  • Plastic process parts
  • Paper & printing
  • Rubber components
  • Yarn processing parts
  • Non-woven parts
  • Tape manufacturing parts
  • Plus many more!