Textile Coatings

Textiles, whether natural or synthetic, are becoming increasingly varied in their composition and production methods. Line components like Hot Flue Rollers, Pre Dryer Rollers and Drying Cans, must be able to guide product efficiently without wrap-ups or build-up of binders. Our Release Coatings help to eliminate this problem by offering superior non-stick properties combined with a low coefficient of friction.

Coatings are applied directly to the components’ surface, no matter the substrate, so there is no need to replace a component at high costs. Simply use the coating until it eventually wears, and then have it recoated. Over and over again this process can be repeated using the same original part.

We have solutions for all types of rollers and equipment such as: Hot Flue Rollers, PreDryer Rollers, Idler Rollers, Feed/Drive Rollers, Cooling/Drying Cans, Dye Tanks, Pans, Chutes and too many more to list.