Tire & Rubber Coatings

Semi-molten tires are hot, heavy, and sticky, not a good combination for an operator or an efficient processing line. Inflatable Bladders, Trimming Blades and Carcass Trucks are constantly requiring cleaning which create downtime where production suffers or labor costs increase.

MBI has coatings that can assist in these applications and more, with superior non-stick options that eliminate so much effort and downtime. Our coatings offer a slick surface that even sticky rubber has a difficult time adhering to. Service temperatures get above 500°F, so even fresh out of the oven line our coatings can operate effectively and over a long lifespan. We can even incorporate ceramics or carbides as base layers to stand up to some the wiring or calendaring operations, contact us to learn more about this enhanced ability.

Let us help you with Carcass Trucks, All Rollers, Blades, Bladders, Molds, Waste Bins, and any other problem area you may have.