Food-Grade Coatings

When it comes to manufacturing and/or processing food and beverages, a great and costly challenge lies in how to resolve issues while maintaining strict standards set forth by the FDA and other organizations. MBI allows some peace of mind with multiple coatings that are recognized and compliant for food contact applications. Our coatings can solve a host of issues, but are centered around the sticking and build-up of products

We have options for a very low coefficient of friction, extreme non-stick properties, high temperatures (≈ 550°F) and good abrasion resistance. These may be applied to any shape, size and surface variation, including intricate patterns of Molds.

Typical applications we’ve encountered are Candy Rollers, Mixing Paddles, Catch Pans, Chutes, Heat Seal Bars, Oven Rollers, Molds and plenty more.