Chemical Processing Coatings

Creating a processing line that handles or produces chemicals or corrosive material can be an enormous feat on its own. Couple that with the need to incorporate expensive stainless steel or other exotic materials for certain parts, and the overhead to run such a line is significantly increased. Instead of having parts manufactured from these costly materials, MBI has solutions to prevent even the most corrosive products from ever penetrating a relatively thin coating applied over steel or aluminum.

Fluoropolymers are known to have substantial corrosion and chemical resistance, and when the right one is selected for the right application, it can save thousands of dollars over replacing parts with a copy made from an exotic material. MBI takes this a step further by having the ability to add a protective metallic layer first, with a TeflonĀ® or similar embedded inside, contact us to learn more about this. These options allow you to make and coat a part out of carbon steel, which would be a position-threatening proposition if not for the help of these coatings.

We regularly assist in applications such as Chemical Holding Vessels, Agitator Shafts, Splash Guards, and more.