Traclon CoatingsTraction, Release Coatings

Coating Applications

TRACLON coated surfaces exhibit astounding non-stick properties and at the same time traction & tension control capabilities.  Traditionally, such coatings were referred to as “PLASMA-RELEASE”. MBI’s Traclon improves on such tradition.

We apply Traclon Coatings uniformly per specs or customized to suit your specific application. We offer various types of coatings with distinct surface feel, thickness and finish that’s suitable for specific surface property or requirement. MBI coatings can help you engineer better surfaces for your parts.

In short, MBI's Traclon coatings consist of combining non-stick /release materials with hard matrix materials such as tungsten carbide to form a surface covering/coating.

Extreme Nonstick: Will not allow any tape adhesive, glue, molten material, film or anything else stick to them. Traclon coatings are considered to have the best release properties with the most durability in our industry.

Adjustable Traction: Traclon has the ability to customized based on traction needs. For more aggressive traction, coating thickness is increased to “grip” parts, products or films better (such as on a drive roll). If low friction is needed, Traclon is applied lighter and materials are able to run smoothly along the guide roll surface.

Typical Properties

Non-Stick: Excellent: <1 gram of force to pull off sticky tape

Friction Coefficient: High (will not allow slip or creeping

Bond Strength: Very high, 10,700 psi (including metallic matrix) (ASTM D2197)

Thickness: Typically .005”-.007” (can be varied to suit your applications

Texture: Typically 100-300 Ra (Suede-feel) that can be varied to suit your application

Thermal Properties: Very accommodating, -65° to over 650° F

Common Traclon Applications

  • Guide Rolls
  • Drive Rolls
  • Transfer Rolls
  • Idler Rolls
  • Nip Rolls
  • Stretch Rolls
  • Die Cutting Rolls
  • Cooling Rolls
  • Adhesive Tape Rollers
  • Catch Pans
  • Ink Trays
  • Glue Pans
  • Grip Fingers
  • Bottle Fixtures
  • Peeler Bars, Seal Bars
  • Mold Surfaces

Advantages of Traclon Coatings

  • Low temperature cure as well as a no-bake version
  • Customizable coating thickness allows for job-tailoring
  • Silicone or Fluoropolymer based coatings
  • Endless variations for specific property and application needs
  • 650°F+ temperature threshold
  • Electrical Conductivity varies, able to be conductive or non-conductive

Typical Variations of Traclon Coatings

TRACLON 200Fine hard chrome carbide alloy infused with polymer, ideal for traction with extra non-stick. The peaks serve well for gripping while the polymer serves well for releasing. ** Our most popular Traclon variation**
TRACLON 300A hard stainless steel alloy infused with non-stick polymer, forming a coating surface considered to be excellent for maximum release & non-slip applications.
TRACLON 400Chemical resistant non-stick coatings resistant to most chemicals and solvents. The surface has a satin feel with traction-release properties. (Color: Blue)
TRACLON 500Non-stick polymer materials in fused into ultra-fine tungsten carbide forming extra fine satin-like finish around 100 Ra. This coating is extremely wear resistant.
TRACLON 600Heat resistant plasma-release coating that can resist temps up to 650 F. This coating has traction-release properties with a fine texture. (Color: Red).
TRACLON 700Ceramic (Titanium oxide) infused with release polymer, forming a very fine non-stick ceramic satin finish. This coating is extremely wear resistant. Thickness range .003”- .008”.
TRACLON 1000Consisting of a ultra-hard alloy (boron / carbide) infused with non-stick polymer. The coated surface be-comes very non-stick with a distinct fine nodular feel. (Color: Metallic Silver)
TRACLON XRelease polymer with the highest temperature resistance yet; great non-stick tested to 900°F with minimal loss! This coating has a lower coefficient of friction than others of this category, making it suitable for many applications. (Color: Black)
TRACLON FDAStainless steel or carbide base with release polymer embedded. Customizable coating thickness and surface finish allows for aggressive or delicate operations.

Images of Traclon Coatings

Traclon pattern roller
Traclon coated collection buckets
Traclon coated mold
Traclon roll
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