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Applied via Impact-Fusion HVOF

Carbide coatings are applied via MBI's "Impact-fusion" HVOF system. Carbide applications result in a hard, impermeable, and corrosion resistant surface.

Learn more about our carbide offerings.


CeramicApplied via High-Energy Plasma

Select ceramics provide dimensional, thermal, and chemical stability while significantly preventing wear and corrosion.

Read about our ceramic coatings.

Traclon™Traction, Release Coatings

MBI's Traclon coatings exhibits astounding non-stick properties while simultaneously offering traction and tension control.

Learn about the versatile Traclon coating.

Tufflon coated roller

Tufflon™Low-Friction, Release Coatings

MBI's Tufflon coatings are ideal for applications requiring durable release/non-stick surfaces with a low coefficient of friction.

Explore MBI's Tufflon offerings.

Thinlon™Thin-Film, Protection Coatings

Thinlon demonstrates a high resistance to shear allowing the coated surface to be protected from wear due to abrasive contact as well as exhibiting dry lubricity, corrosion protection, release, and thermal barrier properties.

See how MBI's Thinlon can protect your parts.


Prevlon™Protection & Prevention

The Prevlon lineup is a series of coatings that offer superior protection in aggressive environments. From Nylons to thermoplastics to ceramic-based polymers, these coatings work best when all others fail.

See what MBI's Prevlon can do for your production.

RefurbishRepair & Enhance

At MBI Coatings we apply engineered coatings with a wide variety of properties according to your needs. MBI can repair and improve your components resulting in lower maintenance costs and less downtime.

View MBI Coatings repair and enhancement services.


TracTec™Traction & Grip Coatings

TracTec is a long term solution for applications that see serious abuse and wear while also offering traction and grip properties.

See what MBI's TracTec can do for you.

Powder CoatingsApplied via GEMA® system

MBI offers a wide range of powders from various manufacturers to enhance function and aesthetics with anti-microbial powders, textured, solid tones, UV resistant, metallic and manymore. We also offer full OSHA saftey colors as well as RAL matching.

View MBI Coatings powder coating services.


FluoropolymersTeflon®, Xylan®, and more

Fluoropolymers are world-renowned for their low-coefficient of friction, excellent release, and chemical and wear resistance. MBI improves upon this technology utilizing our own carbides and ceramics creating a unique coating that will outperform anything on the market.

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Check out our Coating Guide for a list of common applications