Function Application Examples Typical Coatings Applied
Adhesive wear Plungers, Piston rings, Hydraulic press sleeves, Spindle surfaces, Packing & seal areas PL-106 Chrome Oxide Ceramic,
AR-26 Chrome Carbide,
HV-50 Tungsten Carbide
Abrasive wear Guide bars, Pump seals, Mixers, Augers, Screws HV-43 Tungsten Carbide,
PL-130 Alumina-Titania Ceramic,
AR-97 Amorphous Alloy
Fatigue wear Dead centers, Cam followers, Fan blades, Wear rings HV-88 Tungsten Carbide Cobalt,
AR-26 Chrome Carbide
High temp thermal barriers Glass chutes, Body cells, Gas turbine parts, Exhaust ducts & parts PL-205 Zirconia Ceramic,
PL-210 Magnesium Zirconate Ceramic,
AR-76 Ni-Cr-Mo-Y Alloy,
Thinlon 171
Oxidation resistance Exhaust equipment, Heat treatment fixtures, exhaust valves AR-01 Aluminum,
Nickel-chrome alloys,
AR-27 Hastalloy
Corrosion resistance Pump parts, Storage tanks, food handling equipment, Sea water exposure AR-13 Stainless Alloy,
AR-01 Aluminum,
AR-27 Hastalloy,
Prevlon 200 Series,
Thinlon 209
Extreme non-stick properties Prevent any sticky substance from adhering to your surface Traclon Series Coatings,
Tufflon Series Coatings
Traction-release properties Drive rolls, Idler rolls, Nip rolls, Tape-manufacturing rolls, packaging industry parts Traclon Series Coatings,
Tufflon Series Coatings
Low friction release Chutes, Guide surfaces, Trays, Pans, Vessels, Covers, Rolls Tufflon coatings,
Fluoropolymers (Teflon® & Xylan®),
Thinlon 110
Grip, Traction and non-slip Drive rolls, Feed rolls, Scoring wheels, Tools, Tape manufacturing rolls TracTec Series Coatings,
Prevlon 300 Series
Conductivity Contacts, Connectors, Electrical cabinets, Electronic components AR-05 Copper,
AR-01 Aluminum,
Traclon 800
Electrical resistance Heater tube insulation, Corona treater rolls, Brazing tips PL-130 Alumina Ceramic,
Prevlon 300 & 400 Series,
Thinlon 900
Restoration & reclamation Crankshaft journals, Roll journals, Bearing housing fits, undersize surfaces AR-12 Chrome Alloy,
AR-13 Stainless Alloy,
HV-06 Stellite,
HV-50 Tungsten Carbide,
PL-130 Alumina Ceramic
Chrome replacement Chrome plating alternatives HV-50 Tungsten Carbide,
AR-18 High-Velocity Boron Carbide,
AR-12 Chrome Alloy
Journal repair Buildup of surfaces with machinable or hard, grindable alloys AR-12 Chrome Alloy,
AR-13 Stainless Alloy
Spot repair Gouges, Nicks & damaged areas on roll surfaces while still on machine Portable plating & thermal spray to fill areas and repair without dis-assembly