Applications  Common Coatings and Applications

Wear and abrasion icon

Wear & Abrasion Resistant Coatings

Wear in terms of abrasion, erosion, cavitation, fretting and impact have a direct affect on components life and operating costs. MBI offers a magnitude of coatings applied by various technologies such as HVOF, Plasma and other processes that help to reduce or prevent all types of wear. We can help you engineer a coating application to improve your parts' performance and wear resistance thus prolonging its life and increasing utility.

  • HV-50 Carbide on Cutter Knives to minimize blade degradation
  • PL-130 Ceramic on Textile Rollers to prevent yarn fraying due to component wear
  • Prevlon 500 on Deflector Plates to resist direct abrasive impacts

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Non-Stick Coatings

Sticking issues are incredibly frustrating and can cause lengthy shutdowns in production due to cleaning of components. MBI has a plethora of options to resolve your sticking issues and can make short work of your epoxies, adhesives, resins, laminates and more. We have solutions for high-temperatures ( 800°F+ ) applications and chemical/solvent resistance. MBI can customize coating thicknesses, surface finish and even the coefficient of friction. Options include Plasma-release coatings and a multitude of Fluoropolymer coatings.

  • Traclon 300 on tape-manufacturing rolls prevents adhesives from sticking to machinery
  • Tufflon 270 on Drip Pans for easy cleaning and maintenance
  • Traclon X on Oven Rollers that require release at extreme temperatures

Low friction icon

Low-Friction Coatings

Friction can cause a variety of issues from overheating to pre-mature wear to galling and fretting. MBI can help you solve these issues and keep your parts working at top efficiency for extended lifetimes with one of our low-friction coating options. We offer surface engineering solutions for combinations of issues such as lubricity coupled with hardness or low friction surfaces with non-stick properties.

  • PL-201 Ceramic applied to Bearing Surface to resist galling and seizing
  • Tufflon 260 on Turbine Fans to prevent dust accumulation and increase efficiency
  • Thinlon 110 on small Window Assembly parts for lubricity and corrosion resistance

Traction and grip icon

Traction & Grip Coatings

Traction Control is critical to maintain for operating at a high efficiency. MBI can eliminate slippage issues from the most delicate of materials to large, heavy objects and equipment. With our engineered coatings you can create a solution that works specifically for your grip applications. Our grip coatings are long lasting and physically bond with the surface. MBI's coatings are permanent and will not face unravelling issues that temporary wraps and coverings are plagued with.

  • Tractec B-80 on Feed Rollers driving large planks of wood efficiently down the line
  • Traclon 300 on Bottle Fixtures, keeping parts in place during processing
  • Tractec S-220 applied to Shelve Units needing a gripping, wear-resistant surface

Thermal barrier icon

Thermal Barrier Coatings

Heat is one of the primary by-products of mechanical functions and consequently a leading cause of mechanical failures. MBI has various coatings that are meant to control heat and make it work in your favor. We offer high-temperature resistant coatings that are designed to withstand temperatures exceeding 3000°F while providing protection against oxidation and corrosion. MBI has coating solutions that can resist, shield, or help dissipate heat and improve performance of components associated with high temperatures.

Corrosion resistance icon

Corrosion Resistant Coatings

Chemicals, water particles, salt, temperature fluctuations and an array of other factors all contribute to component-degrading corrosion. MBI has a wide range of offerings that allow you to control corrosion and prevent it from happening in the first place. There is nothing too aggressive or damaging for us to deal with. Options include Thermal-spray of aluminum or zinc for galvanic solutions, Hastalloy coatings for severe chemical issues, wide range of polymers for a variety of applications, and much more.

Electrical and anti-static icon

Electrical & Anti-Static Coatings

Keeping an operating line at a negative charge with hundreds of different parts and pieces can be a difficult and potentially dangerous task. Static build-up may cause the collection of unwanted materials leading to damage and repetitive cleaning. MBI applies coatings for dielectric properties or improving conductivity, depending on your application. We also offer coatings for industries seeking EMI/RFI shielding solutions.

  • PL-102 Titanium Oxide over infrared Heated Plates to allow heat transfer, not electrical
  • Traclon 800 (conductive) applied to electrically charged roller to avoid static buildup
  • Thinlon 900 applied to rotary tools for anti-galvanic properties

Food grade icon

Food Grade Coatings

International food standards, and industrial cleanliness standards in general, are becoming increasingly more stringent and demanding. It is imperative for companies to be up to par with these new statutes in their everyday operations in order to succeed. MBI can help maintain and upgrade operating cleanliness with various coatings that meet FDA, FDA Food Contact, OSHA, and other cleanliness standards. Anti-microbial and easy-clean coatings are also available for your convenience.

  • Traclon FDA on Damper Nozzles that press food container molds into place before being filled
  • Tufflon 290 applied to Conveyor Rollers that transports food along an assembly line
  • AR-13 Stainless Steel applied onto Fluid Nozzles for FDA-approved wear resistance

Performance icon

Performance Coatings

The advanced technology of MBI Coatings processes help provide surface enhancement properties that deliver exceptional benefits and substantial cost reduction. As a proactive industry leader, we stand ready to meet your specific coating requirements by providing you with tested performance coating solutions and alternatives. MBI offers hybrid coatings that extend multiple properties to a single application.

  • Tufflon 104 - carbide with high-temp FEP release
  • Prevlon 601 - an abrasion resistant ceramic with a high-temp sealer good to 3000°F
  • Traclon X1 - a slightly coarse, extreme non-stick coating tested to over 800°F

Refurbish icon

Resurfacing and Refurbishing Coatings

It can be very frustrating and expensive to replace parts due to localized or total damage, not to mention time consuming to wait for new parts to be manufactured, shipped, and installed. MBI eliminates these hassles by offering a one-stop shop for repairing machine components. We build-up any type of surface with a wide assortment of materials and can finish grind/machine to specifications with very tight tolerances. On a regular basis MBI is able to improve on the original surface by upgrading the repaired coating with improved (wear, corrosion, etc.) properties.

  • Plungers
  • Blades
  • Seal Surfaces
  • Rotors
  • Impellers
  • Adapters
  • Pumps
  • Shafts
  • Drums
  • Journals
  • Pulleys
  • Trays