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07/21/2017 - POWDER COATINGS

MBI Coatings is proud to offer custom Powder Coating services suitable for many applications including resistance to corrosion, impact, abrasion, chipping, fading and extreme weather conditions, while providing excellent appearance.  Such coatings can withstand deteriorating environmental factors such as ultraviolet radiation, smog, acid, alkalinity and salt spray.

MBI can apply a wide range of materials in various colors, thicknesses, finishes / textures or any other required property depending on the requirements of the application.  Many UV resistant and FDA approved coatings are available along with specialty anti-microbial coatings.

MBI’s Powder coating process is an advanced method of applying attractive and protective finish to a wide range of components and products that are used by many industries.

  • ·         Weldments
  • ·         Conveyor rollers
  • ·         Guide bars
  • ·         Valve parts
  • ·         Pump parts
  • ·         Medical equipment
  • ·         Food & Beverage processing equipment
  • ·         Architectural parts
  • ·         Automotive applications
  • ·         Marine equipment
  • ·         And much more!

Typical value in regards to coating properties is certified in accordance per ASTM standards.  Such as:                         

Impact                                            ASTM D2794                                   

Pencil Hardness                             ASTM D3363 

Cross Hatch Adhesion                   ASTM D3359 

Flexibility - Conical Mandrel        ASTM D522 

Gloss                                              ASTM D523 


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