Carbide coatings

Advancements in the thermal spray industry, such as the HVOF process, along with vigorous materials research and development (various carbide alloys) are helping us meet requirements of increasingly sophisticated coating applications.

Increase the life of your parts subject to high abrasion

Depending on each application, there are many carbide alloys available to apply. The primary method is by HVOF which produces coatings that are near zero in porosity. They can be finished by grinding and super-finishing to less than 1 Ra (mirror-like). The photo shows a cross section of an HVOF coating (porous-free).

Other methods such as flame spray /fuse coatings, arc spray, and plasma spray are also used to produce carbide coatings for specific requirements such as rougher finishes for: Gripping, impact resistance, thicker layering, plasma-release coatings and more!

Lower your Cost

  • Less spare parts to inventory and change out.
  • Longer running life of your parts
  • Increased production rates
  • Less downtime and maintenence

The chart below is only a small sample of the carbide materials that’s available:

Carbide coating - materials Typical Hardness Bond strength As-sprayed finish (Ra) Application areas Examples
Tungsten-Chrome-Titanium carbide alloy 69 Rc 8000 psi 300 –500 Heavy build up wear Wear Plates, Pump housings, Rotors, Gate valves, etc.
Tungsten carbide - cobalt alloy 72 Rc >10,000 psi 100-140 Ra Extreme wear resistance Seals, Rolls, wear parts, Knives, Screens, mandrels
Tungsten carbide -Chrome alloy 65 Rc >10,000 psi 140-180 Ra Wear with corrosion Pump shafts, Rams, extruders, fixtures, etc.
Tungsten carbide - Ni-Cr alloy 64 Rc >10,000 psi 150-200 Ra Hardness with ductility Meet GE, Pratt specs. Mixer blades, Fans, etc.
Chrome carbide alloy 68 Rc >10,000 psi 125-150 Ra Replace chrome plating Exceed chrome plating requirements.

Typical Applications:

  • Feed Rolls ( Various roughness for Gripping)
  • Laminator Rolls, Tungsten Carbide -Traclon (MBI Polymer )
  • Chill Rolls, Chrome carbide
  • Idler Rolls, Ni-Cr carbide.
  • Knife edges to prolong sharper edge and longer life.
  • Hard-facing Granulator Rotors
  • Pump housings & Impellers
  • Shredding components
  • Buffing fixtures
  • Mandrels, Extruders
  • Tracks & screw conveyors
  • Blowers & Fan blades
  • Mixer paddles
  • Wear plates
  • Gate valves
  • And many more!

Typical Properties:

  • Severe abrasive wear resistance
  • Traction & release control
  • Fretting wear resistance
  • Sliding wear resistance
  • Hammer wear loading
  • Erosion & cavitation wear


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