Thermal spraying, also known as metal spraying or metallizing is a surface engineering / coating process where a wide range of metals, carbides and ceramics can be applied (sprayed) onto the surface of a component.

Thermal spraying is widely used to provide wear and corrosion protection to parts, or change the surface properties of the component.


All methods of thermal spraying involve the projection of softened or molten particles onto a prepared surface where they adhere and form a homogenous coating.  To soften or melt the particles, a heat source, a sprayable material and an atomization method are required.  At he point of impact, the particles flatten onto the surface, solidify and mechanically bond onto the prepared surface and onto each other as the coating thickness increases.





Simplified - Thermal spraying is a process (using a metallizing gun) where a powdered material is fed into a concentrated flame, melted, streamed, would become atomized, then propelled onto a surface to become a coating.  (Of course, the surface is properly prepared with the necessary masking and etching/grit blasting).



By far the most important part of the thermal spray process is the method of application.  At MBI we utilize the most advances metal spray systems of all types to apply engineered coatings for design or repair of various components.  

Our processes include HVOF, Plasma, Twin wire arc spray, powder flame spraying, wire metallizing, spray & fuse and more!

There are hundreds of coating materials that are available for thermal spraying.  Below, is a small chart grouping some popular materials:


Coating group-ati gr (sampling) Average Hardness General Applications areas Typical properties & applications
Ferrous alloys Variable General build-up materials General machinable and grindable coatings
Boron alloys 68 Rc Dense, hard, oxide free Resist abrasive grains, cavitation, particle erosion, corrosion resistant. Cams, Wear Rings, Exhaust Fans, etc.
Tungsten Carbide alloys 72 Rc Hard-coatings that are dense, without porosity. Extreme wear resistance. Mixer blades, Fan blades, etc.
Ceramics 70 Rc Hard inert coatings High hot hardness. Resistance to wear by abrasive grains.
Non-Ferrous alloys Variable General build up coatings Copper alloys, Aluminum, Zinc and more.
Release coatings Variable Release and non-stick coatings Extreme wear resistance.  Mixer blades, Fan blades.
Plus many more!      


At MBI we use the latest technologically advanced equipment and proven materials /consumables from companies that are leaders in their fields such as Praxair, Sulzer Metco, Tafa, Eutectic, etc. There are hundreds of materials available to apply. Each and every coating material that we use is off-the-shelf researched and proven. Specific parameters are followed to reproduce the same coating over and over again with the highest repeatable quality anywhere.

These same processes and materials are produced to the most demanding standards, including aerospace, medical, gas turbine, petrochemical, automotive industries, etc.

From crankshafts to cutting edge golf clubs, MBI coatings are enhancing performance. Effective applications are being discovered and taken advantage off every day.

A Crankshaft is being Thermal sprayed to repair worn bearing and rod journals.

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