Low Friction release coatings

Our TUFFLON® coatings are ideal for applications  requiring long-lasting durable release surfaces with low friction properties.

What makes it durable?  -   We combine a specialty release polymer material into tough Thermal, Plasma or HVOF spray matrix to get the extra durability that normally is not associated with conventional non-stick coatings.

The durability along with the excellent release and low coefficient of friction properties make such coatings ideal for use as design engineering or maintenance tools, with many processing aid applications in any manufacturing sector or industry. Typical applications include: Glue, Ink or any other sticky substance components, such as chutes, trays, pans, shields & rolls of all types.


  • Non-Stick: Excellent release
    Exhibits < 20 gr/in of release on Johnson and Johnson waterproof tape with subsequent adhesion of 100%.
  • Friction Coefficient: Extra low energy
    Static coefficient (on cold rolled steel) -0.11 (Dynamic coefficient -0.07).
  • Low Wear - Excellent abrasion resistance
    1 mil loss after 3000 cycles CS-17 wheel at 1000 gr load (Tabor test).
  • Adhesion: Excellent (Embedded in to the metal sprayed layer)
    Pull-off test > 5000 psi.
  • UV-Resistance:
    No degradation, cracking, or blistering.
  • Hydrophobicity:
    Extreme, high contact angles with water.


  • Extra Non-stick with Built-in High-lubricity
    The extra low friction properties of TUFFLON coatings make them suitable for slickness, even as dry lubricants like on slide valves, cutting blades, head gates, conveyors, chutes, rails and other moving components.
  • Tough Abrasion resistant properties
    MBI TUFFLON coatings are tough to scratch! With excellent adhesion and wear resistance, our coatings won't just flake off or wear away!
  • Anti-Corrosive
    Our coatings offer superior surface protection in corrosive environments; therefore, extending the life of your components.


Anywhere that glue, ink, paint, adhesives, foam, rubber, or any substance sticks, TUFFLON® coatings are ideal to dramatically reduce or eliminate the extra maintenance clean up labor and materials cost.

Areas that previously required extensive down time for clean-up will remain in production longer after being coated by MBI TUFFLON coatings. (MBI coatings save you downtime)!

MBI Coatings will out-perform and out-last other coatings such as conventional FEP, PTFE or any other comparable coatings. (MBI coatings will improve your production and have better return on your investment)!

Variety of TUFFLON coatings include:

  • Conventional fluoropolymers such as Teflon®
  • Low temperature cure or no bake release coatings for temperature sensitive parts.
  • Flame sprayed plastics, nylons & Polys.
  • Fusion bonded dry release coatings.
  • Silicone based type of coatings.
  • Containment coatings for extreme corrosion.
  • Ceramic reinforced polymers for extreme wear.
  • And more!

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