"TRACTION-Release" Coatings(aka) "plasma-RELEASE" COATINGS

Applied by Using advanced processes such as plasma spray, MBI's TRACLON™ coatings consist of combining release polymer materials with hard matrix materials such as tungsten carbide to form a unique surface covering / coating.

TRACLON coated surfaces exhibit astounding non-stick properties and at the same time traction / tension control capability.  Traditionally, such coatings were referred to as “PLASMA-RELEASE COATINGS”.  MBI’s TRACLONä improves on such tradition.

Unlike temporary wraps and glue-on covers, our coatings are homogenous and uniform without spiral lines that cause creep and drift.  TRACLON’s  combination of release with traction control is also ideal for coating low inertia rolls made of thin aluminum or non-steel substrates.  


We apply TRACLON™ Coatings uniformly on most any surface type and substrates.  We can meet existing specs (according to certain “Plasma-release” standards) or customized to suit your specific application.  We offer various types of TRACLON® coatings with distinct make up, thickness and surface finish that’s suitable for specific surface property or requirement. 


Surfaces coated by MBI with TRACLON® will not allow any tape adhesive, glue, molten material, film or anything else stick to them.  MBI TRACLON™ coatings are considered to have the best release properties with the most durability in our industry.

TRACLON coatings offer non-stick properties with traction or tension control.  On rolls, they offer enhanced web tracking (eliminate slippage and drifting), provide more consistent and tighter wrap of products with improved quality and higher speeds.  TRACLON coatings are considered the best traction-release coatings available today.               

TRACLON™ coatings have excellent cohesive strength and ductility, thus they have the ability to withstand abuse, expansion and contraction without delaminating.


  • Release properties:  Excellent (<1 gram of force to pull off sticky tape, test details available).
  • Thickness: Typically .005” (can be varied to suit your applications).
  • Tolerances:  +/- .001" on OD with .001" TIR
  • Texture:  Moderate (Nodular, satin or fine orange peel look) that can be varied to suit your application.
  • Bond strength: Very high, 13,700 psi (including metallic matrix) (ASTM D2197).
  • Thermal properties: Very accommodating, -65 to 600 deg. F.
  • Hardness: Can be tailored, as high as 74 Rc
  • Thermal shock :  Excellent (per MIL 46058C).
  • Thermal expansion: Excellent (160ppm -DMA).
  • Flexibility:  Excellent (per MIL-46058C).
  • Chemicals resistance: Excellent.
  • PH range:  2-12
  • Solvent resistance:  Moderate.
  • Protection against dust & dirt: Excellent.
  • Coefficient of friction: High (will not allow slipage /creeping).
  • Electrical properties: Variations available to insulate or conduct.
  • Weathering: Excellent resistance including ozone & ultraviolet radiation.     



    The exact TRACLON™ coating will depend on the nature of the application. Service conditions, part configuration, base substrate, temperature range, thickness and finish requirements and other considerations help us in determining the best coating for your application.  Below is a typical list of TRACLONs that we have available.  Custom formulations to suit your exact application are also available.

    MBI code
    Base matrix
    Typical hardness
    Of the matrix
    Surface Finish
    Temperature resistance °F
    32 Rc
    Chrome carbide
    64 Rc
    Stainless steel
    48 Rc
    Tungsten carbide
    72 Rc
    68 Rc
    600 (Red)
    Nickel chrome
    48 Rc
    Orange peel
    Boron carbide
    74 Rc

     TRACLON™ coatings have excellent cohesion strength and ductility, thus they have the ability to withstand abuse, expansion and contraction without delaminating.


  • Machine parts of all types where maximum non-stick properties are required.
  • Rolls of all types include: Drive, guide, transfer, idler, nip, feed, cooling, vacuum, die cutting, transfer, doctoring, etc.
  • Industries include: Non-woven, Converting, Tire & Rubber, Paper, Printing, Tapes, Film, Laminate, etc.
  • Endless other applications including:
  • Roller surfaces (ink)
  • Roller surfaces (glue)
  • Trays
  • Shields
  • Doctor blades
  • Stripper plates
  • Slitters
  • Knives, rotary
  • Chutes
  • Catch pans
  • Peeler bars
  • Seal bars
  • Guides
  • Hoppers
  • Vats
  • Mold applications
  • Grip fingers
  • Ink trays
  • Containers, molten plastics



On the right, a grooved roll treated with MBI TRACLON coating for traction-release properties.

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