We Utilize and Apply the Most Advanced Materials, such as:

  • Repair coatings
  • Metals & alloys (Coatings produced by applying materials such as Hastalloy, Stellite, Inconel, stainless steel, chrome, nickel, copper, aluminum, zinc, bronze and much more!
  • Polymers (Coatings produced by flame spraying plastic, nylon, flouropolymers, etc.)

We're even portable!

We can mobilize to do coating work and repairs at your location. At times we do plating or thermal spraying work right on the machine, minimizing your downtime. We even do spot chrome-plating repairs (of dings, scratches, imperfections, metal loss, etc.) without disassembling your Roll, Mold, Cylinder, etc. Because we use pure metals & alloys, the repairs blend in with adjacent surfaces with close color match.

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