Utilizing state-of-the-art processes, we apply hundreds of advanced coatings, each unique in terms of characteristics, properties and applications. Many industries including fortune 500 companies specify our coatings on their blue prints.

The following are a few highlights of what we offer:

HVOF coatings
We apply HVOF coatings by utilizing a unique system that has faster material particle velocities (over 7000 ft. / second) which result in what is called” Impact Fusion”. The particles are practically forge-welded to form the coating. Higher particle velocities and Impact Fusion result in denser, better bonded coatings without porosity, stresses or cracks.

Plasma Spray Coatings
At MBI we utilize high energy Plasma coating spray systems. The higher energy allows us to have an advantage by enabling us to apply many advanced materials including ceramics onto a range of surfaces with tremendous bond strength and superior properties.

Non-stick / Release coatings
We apply a range of coatings designed to have excellent non-stick properties in various situations. Our coatings are uniquely wear resistant and able to withstand abuses not normally associated with regular release coatings. Our vast coating services include applying low-friction release coatings, and extreme non-stick coatings on any type surface. Most coatings are hybrid with polymers diffused into carbide, ceramics and metal alloys which provide the toughness and durability. Our coatings will last much longer than regular “stand-alone” polymers & Teflon

TRACLON coatings
TRACLON™ (aka plasma-release) offer superior non-stick properties over any other known coating. It can also offer non-slip control. We apply several types of TRACLON™ coatings; typically they consist of hard matrices such as tungsten carbide, nickel-chrome alloy, ceramic or stainless steels that are impregnated with the non-stick polymers to provide durable release properties.

TUFFLON coatings
TUFFLON™ (Considered more durable than Teflon©) offer extra low friction with release properties. We apply several types of TUFFLON™ coatings with a variety of polymers impregnated in various metals, ceramics and alloys for durable release easy-glide applications.

Ceramic coatings
We utilize state-of-the-art Plasma spray equipment to apply Ceramic coatings. Most applications require thin layers .003-.005” with polished finish anywhere from 20 to 400 Ra.
However, certain application such as on roll surfaces or seal areas require thicker layers with subsequent grinding and super finishing to very low Ra.

Carbide coatings
There are many carbide alloys available to apply. The primary method is by our own HVOF which produces coatings that are near zero in porosity. Our coatings can be finished by grinding and super-finishing to less than 1 Ra (mirror-like finish).

Arc spray coatings
This process is proven to be extremely versatile and reliable. We use it either manually or in an automated manner for production type work. It allows us to apply a wide range of metals, alloys and metal matrix composites (MMCs) economically and with variable thickness and superior bond strength (Over 13,000 psi).

Thermal spray coatings
Thermal spraying is a process (using a metallizing gun) where a powder or wire material is fed into an intense concentrated flame, melted, streamed, would become atomized, then propelled onto a surface to become a coating. (Of course, the surface is properly prepared with the necessary masking and etching/grit blasting).

Wear is the result of one or combination of erosion, abrasion, impact, metal-to-metal contact, oxidation, and corrosion. The effects of wear can be prevented and repaired by specific coatings. Prevention and wear protection is the most economical way to offset the high costs associated with component replacement.
At MBI we apply various advanced coatings to problematic surfaces for the purpose of slowing down wear.

Corrosion resistant coatings
We apply coatings for controlling corrosion in different environments. For chemical resistance we apply multitude of alloys such as Hastelloy, Inconel, Monel, various stainless steels, etc. We apply aluminum and zinc thermal-spray for atmospheric and wet corrosion. Also, many polymer, plastic and non-metal coatings are available as inert coatings depending on your application requirements.

Thermal barrier coatings
We apply coatings that provide heat and / or oxidation resistance. Such coatings include ceramics such as Zirconia and alumina based, super alloys, polymers, nano-tech alloys and many more.

Repair coatings
We apply coatings with infinite thicknesses, hardnesses and compositions to suit your needs. We refurbish and build-up your worn surfaces to better-than-new condition, out-performing OEM parts at a fraction of the cost. We have f
errous alloy coatings (different alloys with superior bond strength, over 13,000 psi), non-ferrous alloys (including bronze alloys, brass, copper & aluminum alloys, etc.) and we offerSelective plating featuring (in-house & on-site applications).

Traction & gripping
We apply durable coatings with tailored surface finishes (various Ra and grit size finishes) to suit your application. Long-lasting carbide-based hard finishes (from low Rc to 82 Rc) provide non-slip, traction control, some with slight rubbery-grip feel to avoid scratching and marring of your end product.

Chrome replacement
We apply specialty coatings that are better suited for your specific applications than the “general purpose” tank chrome plating. We can apply chrome carbide, chrome oxide, tungsten carbide, nickel-chrome alloy and many other HVOF, Plasma or Hi-velocity arc sprayed coatings that can out-perform chrome plating in terms of wear, corrosion, etc. and be cost effective at the same time. The Naval Research Laboratory qualified HVOF thermal spray coatings as an alternative to hard chrome plating.

Machining / Grinding / Parts manufacturing
Not only can we perform the necessary machining and grinding when needed with certain coatings, but also many customers have grown accustomed to placing orders with us for fabricating the parts to be coated as well. We have expanded our machine shop capabilities to include the ability to manufacture various rolls, rollers, guide bars, nozzles, sleeves, shafts, clamps, etc., while meeting stringent quality standards and blue print specifications.

On-site coating services
For components that are too large to move or where disassembly is not possible, lots of our coatings and repairs can be performed “On-site” at your plant location to minimize your down-time.  Spot repairs of damages on rolls & such can be performed without disassembling your components.

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