When your part(s) require surface properties enhancement or refurbishing, contact us for the right solutions.

Our solutions include applying high-tech coatings on your machine parts surfaces to make them work harder for you!

MBI coatings will help you improve your production efficiency by reducing equipment downtime and unnecessary maintenance. Therefore, your return on investment is guaranteed. Below are few popular application areas of our expertise:

Adhesive wear Plungers, Piston rings, Hydraulic press sleeves, Spindle surfaces, Packing & seal areas Chrome oxide ceramic, Chrome carbide, Tungsten carbide alloy coatings, Ni-Cr cobalt alloy coatings

Abrasive wear

Guide bars, Pump seals, Mixers, Augers, Screws Tungsten carbide, Alumina-titania ceramic, amorphous alloys

Fatigue wear

Dead centers, Cam followers, Fan blades, Wear rings Tungsten carbide cobalt, Chrome carbide, Copper Ni Indium alloy
High temp thermal barriers Glass chutes, Body cells, Gas turbine parts, Exhaust ducts & parts Zirconia type ceramics, Ni-Cr alloys, Hastallo, Nono-alloys

Oxidation resistance

Exhaust equipment, Heat treatment fixtures, exhaust valves Aluminum, Nickel-chrome alloys, Hastalloy

Corrosion resistance

Pump parts, Storage tanks, food handling equipment, Sea water exposure Stainless steel coatings, Aluminum, Inconel, Hastalloy, Polymers
Extreme non-stick properties Prevent any sticky substance from adhering to your surface TRACLON coatings
Traction-release properties Drive rolls, Idler rolls, Nip rolls, Tape mfg rolls, packaging industry parts TRACLON coatings / Plasma-release coatings

Low friction release

Chutes, Guide surfaces, Trays, Pans, Vessels, Covers, Rolls TUFFLON coatings / flame sprayed polymers
Grip, Traction and non-slip Drive rolls, Feed rolls, Scoring wheels, Tools, Tape manufacturing rolls  Tungsten carbide, Chrome carbide, Amorphous alloys, Nano-alloys


Contacts, Connectors, Electrical cabinets, Electronic components Copper, Silver, Aluminum, Gold

Electrical resistance

Heater tube insulation, Corona treater rolls, Brazing tips Alumina ceramic, Flame sprayed polymers, 
Restoration & reclamation Crankshaft journals, Roll journals, Bearing housing fits, undersize surfaces Carbon steel. stainless steel, ferrous and non-ferrous alloys, Ni-Cr alloys

Chrome replacement

Chrome plating alternatives HVOF spray coatings, Plasma spray coatings, Arc spray coatings

Journal repair
Build up of surfaces with machinable or hard grindable alloys Chrom-steel alloys, Nickel alloys, Stainless & carbon steel coatings.

Spot repair

Gouges, Nicks & damaged areas on roll surfaces while still on machine Portable plating & thermal spray to fill areas and repair without dis-assembly


Our advanced technology processes and materials allow us to provide you with superior coatings that meet hundreds of specifications. We certify our work to meet various industrial, commercial, military, aviation and other specs.

We can’t list all the applications that we encounter on a daily basis, but here’s a few:
  • Daily rebuilding of worn-out crankshaft (all journals including rods & mains).
  • Release non-stick coatings on tape manufacturing rolls.
  • Refurbishing bearing seats, seal areas, gland sections of many types  of shafts.
  • Reclaiming bearing Seat area (Bore) of motor covers and pump housings.
  • Coatings on rotors, spindles, Stirrer shafts for chemical industry.
  • Reclaiming the worn-out surface of the winding section of the wire drawing drum.
  • Applying Stainless Steel ( 304, 316, 420, 430) coatings on rollers for various industries.
  • Applying protective coatings on parts for pharmaceutical and chemical Industries.
  • Reconditioning hydraulic rams used in Textile, Printing, Paper or other Industries.
  • Liners for large ball mills, cement plants etc.
  • Copper coating rolls for printing, Electric,  Petro-chemical, Fertilizer - chemical industries.
  • Coating of rolls for wear and release applications for rubber industry.
  • Rebuilding mismachined or worn-out parts in general.
  • Parting lines build-up, cavity touch-up plating and ejection pins repair on mold areas.
  • Carbide coating of Vanes, Knives, and Blade edges.
  • Coarse coatings as a gripping surface on electronic tool surfaces.
  • Slick coatings for release properties on components for packaging industry.
  • Aluminum coatings for marine corrosion applications.
  • Ceramic coatings on rolls for floor manufacturing industry.
  • Tungsten carbide for hard-facing on valve parts.
  • Plus a lot more!



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