About MBI

MBI Coatings is a brand of Metallic Bonds LLC. Metallic Bonds LLC and MBI Coatings moved from Wisconsin to the Carolinas in 1990. At first, the company was located in Charlotte NC with our business mainly geared around applications of hard coatings for the then vast textile industry.

In 2003 we moved our facilities 25 miles south of Charlotte to Lancaster, SC. This move helped us expand in order to serve a multitude of other industries, and take advantage of owning our own property which spans around 7 acres, and over 20,000 square feet of production space.

Ever since that move, we've continued to expand our coating capabilities by acquiring additional equipment such as:

  • Multiple HVOF spray set-ups
  • Multiple Plasma spray systems
  • Multiple Arc spray systems
  • Multiple Flame spray systems
  • Fusion spray equipment
  • Larger lathes
  • Larger cylidrical grinders
  • Milling machine
  • Various types of welding equipment
  • Non-stick / Release coatings systems
  • Large compressed air systems with dryers
  • Larger parts handling (Forklifts & cranes)

Our experience allows us to meet industrial and Military Specifications (MIL-SPEC).

  • MIL-I-45208 (Inspection System)
  • MIL-STD-1687A (Thermal spray processes)
  • MIL-STD-2138A (Metal sprayed Coatings)
  • ASTM C 633-01 (Standard, adhesion strength)
  • ANSI/AWS C2.16/C2.16M (Thermal Spray Guide)
  • AWS C2.18-93 (Guide, protection of metal by thermal spray)
  • SSPC CS 23.00(I) (Metallizing for Corrosion Protection)
  • AWS C2.19-XX (machine element repair by Thermal spraying)
  • SSPC-QP 6 (Standard, Qualifying Applicators)
  • Solid film (MIL-L-46010, MIL-L-8937, MIL-L-23398, MIL-PRF-46010)

We are focused on Safety, Quality and Customer service, which is why we also comply to ISO 9001 and meet Customer quality audits. We continually are involved in R&D, which has led us to develop unique proprietary coatings such as TRACLON & TUFFLON.

To better serve our customers we continue to improve our facilities and plant operations.

Call (803) 313-9292 or click here to contact MBI for more information.