Wear Resistant Hard Coatings

Among the many coatings that we apply at MBI are certain hard coatings that are engineered and designed for various wear applications.

Such coatings are applied utilizing advanced processes such as Thermal spray, HVOF, Plasma spray, Arc spray, Selective plating (for precision build-up) and Polymer coatings for release and / or containment.

Such coatings include: Carbides, Ceramics, Tufflon and Traclon.

Wear is the result of one or combination of erosion, abrasion, impact, metal-to-metal contact, oxidation and corrosion. The effects of wear can be prevented and repaired by specific coatings . Prevention and wear protection is the most economical way to offset the high costs associated with component replacement. Keeping equipment up and running is paramount in achieving profit and customer satisfaction.

At MBI Coatings, we apply many materials onto problematic surfaces for the purpose of slowing down wear and/or the loss of material.

The various types of wear can be categorized and defined as follows:

  • IMPACT WEAR is the pounding type of wear that breaks and deforms metal surfaces.

  • ABRASION is the wearing of surfaces by rubbing. It usually occurs due to metal-to metal contact. Also the rubbing and scouring action of sand, gravel, slag, earth, and other gritty material.

  • EROSION is the wearing away of metals and other materials by the abrasive action of water, steam, slurries which carry abrasive materials. This type of wear is prominent on pump parts.

  • COMPRESSION is a deformation type of wear caused by heavy static loads though pressure on metal surfaces.

  • CAVITATION wear is caused by turbulent flow of liquids that carry suspended abrasive particles.

  • GALLING is a type of METAL-TO-METAL wear that tears out portions of the surfaces. Lack of lubrication is the most common cause. Surfaces of the same hardness move together creating frictional heat.

  • CORROSION WEAR is the gradual deterioration of unprotected metal surfaces, caused by the effects of atmosphere, gases, chemicals, etc. This type of wear creates pitting and eventually dissolves the metal surface.

  • OXIDATION is caused by heat and moisture promoting metal flaking or crumbling.

The type of wear must be identified in order to select the appropriate protective coating. We have hundreds of coatings to consider, consisting of metals, alloys, ceramics, carbides, etc. There are thousands of specifications in our industry that call out for such coatings for various wear applications (on blue prints). If you need to, an experienced MBI specialist can assist you engineer a specification to determine the best coating to use along with the appropriate process (thermal spraying, selective plating or polymer coating).

Please visit our coatings function page for examples.

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