Coating Functions

The chart below highlights typical use “solutions” areas of MBI Coatings that are routinely used for both OEM and Repair.

Adhesive Wear Plungers, Bearings, Piston rings, Hydraulic press sleeves, Spindles Chrome Oxide Ceramic, Chrome carbide, Tungsten carbide Ni-Cr alloy
Abrasive Wear Guide bars, pump seals, concrete mixer screws Tungsten Carbide cobalt, Alumina/Titania ceramic, Amorphous alloys.
Fatigue Wear Dead centers, cam followers, fan blades (jet engines), wear rings (land based turbines) Tungsten Carbide, Copper/Nickel/Indium Alloy, Chrome Carbide alloys
Erosion Slurry pumps, exhaust fans, dust collectors Various Tungsten Carbide alloys, Stellite, Super alloys.
High temp Resistance, Thermal; barrier coatings (TBC) Body Cells, Glass chutes, gas turbine parts, exhaust ducts Zirconia ceramics, Ni-Cr alloys, Aluminum oxide ceramics, Molybdenum
Oxidation Resistance Exhaust mufflers, heat treating fixtures, exhaust valves Aluminum, Nickel/Chrome Alloy, Hastelloy, Nano alloys.
Corrosion Resistance Pump parts, storage tanks, food handling equipment, Sea water exposure Stainless Steel (316), Aluminum, Inconel, Hastelloy, Polymer coatings
Traction-release coatings Drive rolls, Idler rolls, Tape manufacturing rolls, Stretch rolls, packaging industry components
“Plasma-release” TRACLON coatings
Release with Low Friction coatings Chutes, Guides, Rollers, Trays, Pans, Vessels, Covers, etc.
Hard-coat reinforced TUFFLON coatings
Traction, Grip & non-slip coatings Drive rolls, Feed rolls, Floor grates, Tools, Scoring wheels, Sand rolls, etc. Tungsten carbide, Chrome carbide, Amorphous alloys, Nano alloys, Hard stainless alloys,
Electrical Conductivity Electrical contacts, ground connectors
Copper, Silver,
Electrical Resistance Insulation for heater tubes, soldering tips
Alumina, Polymers, Plastic & Nylon flame sprayed coatings
Restoration of Dimensions, Build-up coatings Crankshafts, Roll journals, faces and surfaces of all types, undersize bearings, etc.
Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, ferrous & non-ferrous alloys, Ceramics, Carbides, Nickel & Chrome alloy coatings, etc.
Chrome replacement Chrome plating alternatives HVOF carbide coatings, Plasma sprayed Chrome oxide ceramic, Arc sprayed Stainless and Super alloys.

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