Portable Services

"On-Site" Coatings

MBI Coatings technicians can mobilize plating or thermal spray equipment to your plant at a short notice.

We can do repairs and coating work at your site, and most of the time minimize your machine disassembly, saving you precious down time.

Popular examples:

  • Repair of damages including spot plating on surfaces of Rolls, Cylinders, Drums, Mold surfaces, Hydraulic rams, and more. Experts in precision spot re-chroming of gouges. The repair is blended so well making it hard to detect.
  • Plating or thermal spraying for Journal OD or ID rebuilding right “to-size” holding tight tolerances.
  • Enhancement coatings such as “On-site” hard coating of wear areas, Non-stick coatings for extreme release properties., Heat-shield coatings to resist oxidation and high temperatures, etc.
  • Containment coatings for many applications including Vats /Trays, Chutes, Hoppers, etc.
  • And more!

Dropped Screws, wrenches, keystock, etc. caused damage to your Cylinder, Roll or Mold surface? The damage can be restored perfectly with real metal plating or metallization, not fillers and putties. At your machine we repair gouges, scores, pits, etc. on surfaces of Rolls, Cylinders, Molds, Hydraulic rams, etc. minimizing disassembly and your down time. Spot plating of chrome, nickel, copper, etc. can be done on imperfections of already plated surfaces, without completely stripping & re-plating the entire part. Thus, minimizing your production interruptions.

You don't want to ship your part(s) out for coating!

Portable thermal spraying, plating and polymer coatings can be done at your location to enhance surface properties for wear, non-stick, corrosion, gripping, slickness, heat resistance and more!

We can mobilize on a short notice. We use hi-tech processes beyond temporary fixes. Our build-up materials are value-added improving on the original surface. State-of-the-art processes of selective plating, thermal spraying and advanced polymer coatings are utilized by an experienced MBI crew. Worn surfaces / journals on large parts can be “On-site” thermal sprayed or plated with precision, at times avoiding machining & grinding.

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