Industrial Services

MBI coatings are engineering tools for improving the performance of your parts by helping you tailor their surface properties.

MBI can prolong your parts service life, along with the ability to refurbish worn surfaces, out-performing OEM replacement parts. Therefore, MBI coatings help you improve production runtime and cut down on your maintenance time and cost by the use of our:

  • Extreme non-stick coatings (Highest release properties anywhere!) with the lowest friction or various grip finishes. Examples: TRACLON, TUFFLON, etc.
  • HVOF coatings, Plasma spray, Twin wire arc, along with all other metal & polymer thermal spray capabilities.
  • Selective plating, brush plating and spot repair plating including portable field plating services for touch up and repairs.
  • Tungsten carbide, chrome carbide, titanium carbide & other carbide alloys. Ceramic coatings, including Alumina, titania, chrome oxide, zironia & other ceramics. Super alloys including Hastelloy, Stellite, Triballoy, Nano & Ultra-hard amorphous type coatings for resistance to wear, corrosion, high heat oxidation, resistance or improvement to electrical properties, etc.

MBI is a full service company (including the ability to manufacture your parts and then apply the required high-tech coatings). We have the needed processes and production equipment (machining, grinding, super-finishing, etc.) to help you:

  • Meet coating specs of many industrial, commercial, military, aeronautical or any other print specifications.
  • Enhance your part properties. You can specify an inexpensive base metal in your design and allow us to enhance it with coatings for strength, wear, corrosion, extreme non-stick, etc.
  • Repair, refurbish and extend the life of your existing parts to better-than-new condition by building up the surface with a better material, out-performing replacement OEM parts.

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